Année de publication : Journal Of Hellenic Religion, , Vol. 7, 31-44.

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Abstract: Amongst all Greek deities, Dionysus is the only God who, when he returns from the sea during his feast days (Anthesteria), is carried through the streets of the city of Athens on board of a ship with wheels. The dating and location of this uncommon religious procession of the ‘ship-cart’ with the deity on board has attracted much scholarly attention. However, the symbolic significance of Dionysus’ ship as a component of a ritual scene and Dionysiac imagery has been largely ignored. The present paper considers the ship as a symbol and explores its possible meaning in relation to its use in the God’s cult and imagery.

Mots-clés: Art, Athens, Dionysus, religion, ritual, cult, Anthesteria, Dionysiac imagery, ship

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