Année de publication : Journal Of Hellenic Religion, , Vol. 5, 113-124.


Abstract: The sanctuary of Apollon at Pagasai in Thessaly is mentioned for the first time in the late archaic poem Scutum Herculis as the setting of two mythical fights of Herakles, first against Kyknos and then against Ares, of whom Kyknos was son.

Through the combination of mythical, literary and archaeological sources, this paper aims at two main goals: on the one hand, to explain the genesis of the different versions of the myth and, on the other hand, to outline a comprehensive picture of the archaic sanctuary.

This interdisciplinary approach shows once more how one research topic can be enlightened by another field of studies and vice versa, if they are put in a reciprocal and fruitful dialogue.

Mots-clés: Pagasai, Temenos, Apollo, Shield of Heracles, Kyknos, Heracles, Thessaly

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